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Accelerating Your Growth

We are a growth incubator company, consisting of a seasoned bunch of internationally experienced business growth and development professionals. We work with growth-oriented companies, whether they are in early stage or already running revenues of 100 million euros.

Our services cover the full range of growth company needs:

Financing Development

Financial planning, pitch materials and sparring

Executing funding rounds, from angels and VCs

Other financing arrangements such as loans

Public grants

Sales Development

Sales process development with practices, targets and metrics

Executing sales

Marketing development, branding and content

Social selling and growth hacking

Export Development

Market and customer studies from new markets

Go-to-market planning

Go-to-market execution

Growth Development

New idea development to business concepts

Productization, pricing, customers and value proposition

R&D project planning

Business models and strategy development

Exit Development

Preparing company operations for exits

Handling transactions

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