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What is Accelerando?

Accelerando Ltd is a growth accelerator company founded in 2009, consisting of a bunch of seasoned international growth and business development professionals. Accelerando partner backgrounds complement each other, covering experience from SME and growth company needs for financing, R&D and productization all the way to international sales, marketing and opening up new markets. All the Accelerando partners have extensive personal experience both on entrepreneurship and international corporate roles from companies such as Nokia and F-Secure. Throughout the years, Accelerando has worked with hundreds of growth-driven companies in Finland and abroad – always in full hands-on mode.

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Aleksi Aaltonen

Kari Hartikainen

Jussi Heinilä

Jouko Lintunen

Kyösti Melametsä

Peter Ollikainen

Riitta Raesmaa-Aukia

Mikko Seppäläinen

Magnus Silen

Anssi Varesmaa


Ilkka Pukkila

Sam Weintraub


Carlos Cardozo