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For Corporations

How we help corporations

In the fast-changing world, corporates need to adjust their offering, processes and organization to new business realities. Accelerando works between the corporate and entrepreneur worlds and creates value for both building new business opportunities, boosting business success and efficiency, and building dynamic entrepreneurial mindset.

From employment to entrepreneurship

Sometimes change means there are employees who do not have an imminent future in the company. Responsible companies create programs for the employees personally affected by the change and help them to find a new career path in employment or as an entrepreneur.

Persons with corporate background typically have very valuable experience, but they often lack trust and some key skills needed to run business on their own. Helping the new entrepreneurs to have a kick start into the entrepreneurship is a true win-win-win opportunity.

The persons find future for themselves, the society will have future employers and tax payers, instead of unemployed persons and the corporate gains significant goodwill and becomes an even more attractive employer for their existing and future talent. Carving out technology or services becoming obsolete for the corporate can be a game changing opportunity for your employees to kickstart their own business.

Accelerando has implemented several entrepreneurship kick-start programs for employees on their way out of a corporate. We have created a proven framework that can be tailored to the specific case and environment.

Please contact Peter Ollikainen to hear more on how to act responsibly and improve the re-employment of employees affected personally by a change. You can also send us a quick note, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Innovation management

Managing innovation and building empowering and innovative organizations is natural for startups but harder for the big organizations. Changing culture and gaining fast and radical results requires different means than what the corporate is used to do. Accelerando has three ready-made ways how we hands-on help corporates transform their business and ways of working injecting the entrepreneurship attitude to the organization:

  • Matching the corporate interest with ideas from selected startups to boost innovation and build new business value in the facilitated innovation process with startups (Startup Törmäytys),
  • Innovating and building new business areas hands-on as the extended business development function,
  • Building entrepreneur mindset through the internal entrepreneurship program.

Please contact Peter Ollikainen to find out more on how to boost your innovation and make rapid changes happen in business and in culture.