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For Startups

How we help startups 

Young growth hungry start-ups face very similar challenges – here’a a list the challenges we’ve identified & experienced:

  • How to finance the operation and growth
  • How to verify product-market fit
  • How to find first customers
  • How to choose the right segment and target markets
  • How to build a winning team
  • How to find the right partners
  • How to protect the innovation
  • Need to develop MVP and the product
  • And all this with very limited resources and faster than competition.

Accelerando team helps start-ups to tackle all the challenges above.

By working hands-on on the chosen challenges, Accelerando’s experts supports the start-up a major step forward in their growth path.

We’ve already helped hundreds of startups

We have helped hundreds of startups to find investors and to get public funding.

All of the companies have found customers and partners with us. We bring the international experience and thousands of relevant business contacts globally to our customers’ benefit at a very cost efficient way.

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