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For Growth SMEs

How we help growth SMEs

In open export dependent economy like in Finland the role of midcap growth-firms is crucial in favorable Gross Domestic Product evolution and in job creation. Both of these aspects are fundamental ingredients of Finnish welfare society.
Innovation intensive growth-oriented SME (Small Medium Enterprises) firms are now in front of many strategic choices.
  • How could the strong megatrends repurpose the vision and strategy of SME company?
  • Hyperconnected world of persons, institutions, devices and things offer novel means to change the behavioral patterns and processes surrounding world and processes. How should SME company screen in new sciences, technologies and competences and design differentiating solutions for their clientele.
  • Which of the new business systems and business models allow rapid boost to worthiness in eyes of customers and growth of value to the owners.
  • What transformation (of structures, processes, competences, incentives) is needed to integrate the promise of megatrends, new sciences & technologies and business models with current operational model.
Responsible modern SME companies invest in growth as next evolutionary phase and create experimental programs in search of strong differentiation and growth competitive position.
Accelerando accelerates the ideation and implementation of the development programs. These development programs initially run in separation from SME current operations but finally get tightly integrated to strategy and operations.
Accelerando has implemented several SME tranformations where old school of doing things and providing customer experience has evolved or revolved to modern school of delighting customers and boosting value to the owners.

Accelerando as a supportive coach team – or more likely as an extended team member for you. 

Here’s some of our services:

  • Creating and implementing the sales strategy
  • Planning, implementing and financing of R&D programs
  • Business model and strategy planning
  • Product positioning and pricing, value proposition
  • Planning and identifying sources for funding
  • Commercialization, productization
  • Digital Marketing and online presence, social media
  • Contribution to management team and board work
  • Planning and implementing of international expansion

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