Our Services

Achieving growth in the international markets is a challenging task. You may be painfully aware of the following: Growth ties up capital, and financing may become a major bottleneck. Your products and offerings must meet the customers’ expectations. Sales channels and partner networks have to be established. Not to speak about online presence and recruiting. A series of very interesting phases to go through – with limited resources. 

Product development often needs your 100% focus, you work on it instead of ensuring the funding or planning your online presence. That’s were we come in. We help you in all essential challenges and tasks. As a supportive coach team – or more likely as an extended team member for you.

Here’s some of our services:

  • Creating and implementing the sales strategy
  • Planning, implementing and financing of R&D programs
  • Business model and strategy planning
  • Product positioning and pricing, value proposition
  • Planning and identifying sources for funding
  • Commercialization, productization
  • Digital Marketing and online presence, social media
  • Contribution to management team and board work
  • Planning and implementing of international expansion

So we are not just doing the necessary, boring paper work, but also pulling our sleeves up.

Accelerando growth coaches can participate in the everyday execution, bringing in insight and ideas. 
Please check out the table here below, it describes some of the key issues and services we are focusing.