The Team

We are a team of SME growth coaches. With hands-on attitude & approach. We help growth-oriented companies with their strategy, business development and go-to-market, and with one of the most challenging issues: to ensure funding.

Our team is like the forward line in an ice-hockey team

Each of us in Accelerando Team has extensive hands on experience from start-up entrepreneurship to senior positions at international technology companies, in Finland and abroad. Our competences complete each other’s and we play well together, as an ice-hockey team. A rare combination of talents at your service: we can help your organization from getting financed to planning your online presence. 

Our Senior Advisors and SME Growth Coaches in the picture as follows, the upper row: Jussi Heinilä, Markku KankaanpääJouko Lintunen, Kyösti Melametsä, and Peter Ollikainen. Lower row: Ilkka PukkilaRiitta Raesmaa, Mikko SeppäläinenMika Sorvettula, and Sam Weintraub.

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(Yes, we have not had the time for a photo shoot for the entire team. So meanwhile, we are very colorful…)

World Class Market Research Team

Our team is supported by world class market researchers and senior consultants,
Carlos Cardozo (on the left) and Lance Kincaide.