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Jouko Lintunen


Jouko has special expertise in making technology  companies grow: focus is on finding the right customers, developing a competitive offering to them and financing the growth. He has outstanding experience in both drafting growth strategies and executing them. The experience has above all taught what is not relevant in terms of sustainable growth.

Jouko is one of the global pioneers in mobile business: in the early 1990’s he was deploying the first digital mobile networks (Nokia, Ericsson) and subsequently in charge of commercial operations of the world’s first GSM operator (Radiolinja). In early 2000 he was heading Vodafone’s Nordic Partnership, from there moved on to grow SME companies in 2005. He has been and is engaged in several start-ups as a managing director, operative manager or a consultant (would be more than happy to present his customer references).

Key competence: crafting a winning competitive strategy for a service company- and executing it, too.

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