Katri Hietala

+358 40 803 7458

Katri has over 20 years of experience in business development and management. She started her career in SME sector and worked several years in each Accenture, Nokia and Microsoft. Throughout her career she has been working in customer facing functions building operations and managing business in sales, marketing, customer service and IT. She has a wide understanding of how to define and run businesses in close collaboration with the stakeholders, especially with the customers. During the last few years Katri has been sharing her knowledge to early phase entrepreneurs advising them in business design and customer collaboration.

Katri is inspired and skilled to help companies and organizations to build scalable business in the rapidly changing markets, and to drive the changes in close collaboration with employees, customers and key stakeholders to ensure sustainable results. She can help you to design and manage the change projects, and to build the business and organization architecture and models to support continuous improvement and positive change attitude.

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