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”Focused long-term commitment, and ‘sisu’ pays off: a valuable strategic acquisition of Continuent by VMware. Thanks for Sam and the rest of the Team for your support along the journey.”

Eero Teerikorpi, Executive Chairman
Continuent, Inc.


“Finnchat provides live chat service that increases sales and improves customer experience in the Web. During the past year we have expanded to Poland and Germany, and at the same time we have also tripled our sales and the company value.

Accelerando has been instrumental support in our fast growth. Our experienced senior advisors from Accelerando have guided us through challenges on the road to becoming a truly international company.”

Roope Rämänen, CEO
Finnchat Ltd.

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“We really like Accelerando’s down to earth, hands-on attitude and 24/7 service approach. They are eager to help, there are no start-up issues they are not familiar with. If advice is not there, they will bring it to you through their vast network. “

Sascha W. Wischek, CEO


“I want to thank the Accelerando crew for their amazing assistance in our search for focus and funding to go global. Without your help we probably would have not been able to be funded by ELY-keskus and Tekes with their stringent funding criteria. Thank you for your work so far. We’re looking forward to partnering in future projects.”

Robert Kullström, CEO
Freemium Media Oy


”Accelerando’s team was very good and professional help for us while doing our major funding round. Our calendar was packed with investor meetings and our round was very successful.”

Petri Särkelä, CEO
Goodwiller Oy

hublet logo

“We’ve received mentions in the press with Markkinointi & Mainonta, Talouselämä and Radio Nova in a positive light this week. Amazing! I can barely fit all the meetings that I’ll have in the calendar.

My humblest thanks to you all.”

Olli Junnila, CEO

jamix logo

“From the very beginning I had a strong feeling that Jamix has now found a trustworthy partner in Accelerando. The team has opened new international markets for us, provided very professional support in all steps in our market entry efforts. They provide new great ideas and are always available.”

Mikko Jaatinen, CEO
Jamix Oy

kasvu open logo

“Accelerando has been supporting the Kasvu Open movement from the beginning. The world-class experts have been ready to help in judging, workshops and company specific support. Our collaboration has resulted in a bonfire of growth to the companies involved.”

Matti Härkönen
Kasvu Open

maria db

“Accelerando had a relevant role in helping us out in structuring our early stage product development and business plans for SkySQL/MariaDB. Thank you for that.”

Ralf Wahlsten, Partner
Open Ocean Capital

monami logo

”Thank you for all the help we’ve received from you guys. It is a pleasure to work with you.”

Teemu Konttila, CEO
Monami Agency Oy

nexetic logo

”Accelerando has reinforced our own resources in implementing the Tekes Young Innovative Company Program. The expert competence of Jouko and Sam has greatly contributed to our international growth acceleration. It has been outstanding in building our partner network and growth funding.”

Henry Liukko-Sipi, CEO
Nexetic Oy

playmore games logo

”We have consulted with Accelerando on couple of occasions, both of which were very helpful for us. We got great guidance in building our team into the correct direction and defining our revenue model. We also should mention the help they provided us in attracting angel investors into our direction.

All the advice we got were cut to the point. We got solid concrete tips on the direction we should take as a fresh start-up, one major point being in the revenue model. Word of warning though, Accelerando does get to the root of things and is not for the faint hearted – Nor is building a successful business.”

Jouni Jussila, CEO
Playmore Games Inc

provad logo

”Accelerando’s way of working is very straightforward and clearly adding value to our business. The co-operation has been very easy as these are exactly the principles we follow as well in our own operations.”

Jyrki Narvanto, CEO
Provad Oy


”Service-Flow Oy is providing ITSM integration as a Web service. We have been working with Accelerando now for three years, all the way from our idea–phase. Thanks to Accelerando we have been able to avoid mistakes and our development has been fast and smooth. We are now ready to expand abroad and will be relying on the assistance of Accelerando also in the future.”

Juha Berghäll, CEO
Service-Flow Oy

startup sauna logo

“145 companies have graduated from Startup Sauna (since 2010), raising more than USD 37 million in funding. Jussi Heinilä has always been ready for giving his coaching, sharing his funding and business advice, additionally willing to use his vast network in supporting Sauna companies.”

Juuso Koskinen
Startup Sauna Oy

thirdpresence logo

“Accelerando has been our long-term partner. They have committed to support our global expansion, first by helping us in raising a major round of funding and then by screening potential partners and clients from all over the world. We trust Accelerando 100%, they always deliver.”

Markus Bäckström, CEO
Thirdpresence Oy

tredea logo

“Tredea has been collaborating with Accelerando for 2 years in building a risk financing ecosystem in the Tampere region. We have achieved our targets. Accelerando has been actively and passionately running the project, the risk investment platform, services and forums for start-ups and re-start growth firms are in good shape now.”

Juha Myllymäki
Tredea Oy

worddive logo

”We have had a close business relationship with Accelerando for a long-time. Their added-value in terms of rolling up the sleeves and working together to qualify for the Tekes Young Innovative Company has been crucial for WordDive.”

Timo-Pekka Leinonen, CEO
WordDive Ltd